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Trail Running with Your Dog 101

Trail Running with Your Dog 101

Temps are starting to cool off as we head into fall, which has us excited about all the outdoor activities we’ll be able to do with our dogs. One of our all-time favorite activities to take our four-legged friends along for is trail running. Read our tips & tricks below so you’ll be prepared next time you head out for a run, from Street to Summit! 🏃🏼‍♀️

1. Build Your Stamina

girl and dog running

Before embarking into the woods, it is important to build your dog’s endurance—and your own! Running around town is a great way to slowly and safely build running trust with your dog and start to understand their limits. Not to mention, there are more resources around town than on the trail if you need to fill water, grab a snack, or need medical help.

2. Safety First 

dog backpack

Safety cannot be overlooked before hitting the trail. From training to the right gear and everything in between, a good day can quickly become a bad one if you’re not prepared. 

    1. Location: Make sure you’re familiar with the location you plan on exploring. Pack a map, read up on the area, know where the water sources are, and be sure to tell someone where you will be and when you plan on returning. 
    2. First Aid: Depending on where you choose to run, you might not see anyone else the entire time you’re on the trail. It is important to know basic first aid not only for yourself, but your furry friend as well. There are a lot of great dog-friendly first aid kits available (some as small as 3 oz), or you can even make your own! Be on the lookout for an Alpha Pak first-aid kit coming soon. 
    3. Pack Smart: Be sure to have an adequate amount of food and water in your pack, as well as first aid supplies and clothing layers appropriate for any weather conditions you’ll encounter on the trail for you and your dog. 


3. Fuel 

aussie with water bowl and tongue out

By now, we know how important it is to have water and snacks packed for long runs, but did you know fueling your body (and your dog’s) before the run is just as important? Staying hydrated on the trail has a lot to do with how you prepare leading up to your run. Be sure to drink plenty of water the day before a long run, and don’t forget to hydrate when you get home as well. 

4. Have Fun! 

two dachshunds running

Don’t forget to have fun out there! We love keeping up with all of your adventures, so be sure to tag @myalphapak so we can share them on our social channels. 

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