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Tips for Water Hikes With Your Dog

Tips for Water Hikes With Your Dog

Step up your hiking game by opting for a waterside adventure with your dog. Whether you plan on going to the beach or exploring waterfalls at a national park, nothing in nature can be quite as exciting as overlooking the ocean or finding a hidden creek. Here are some safety tips to be aware of while going on water adventures with your pup:

Know the Trail

If you’re planning to go on a hike near water, it’s important to know the trail beforehand. Be aware of hike regulations, high and low areas, and safe spots to walk with a leash.

Check park guidelines and maps to see if it’s safe to enter the water or better to stay near the shore. Preparing beforehand will cause less stress for you and your dog!

Bring a Dry Bag

Afraid of getting belongings wet while on your hike? Check out the Alpha Pak Iceberg Dry Bag to keep your things dry. This waterproof bag is durable, comfortable and has multiple pockets to store your hiking gear. The dry bag has chest buckles to alleviate weight and thick straps for additional comfort. It’s the perfect bag for your water

Stay Hydrated

Feeling a little dehydrated? Pack a reusable water bottle or Kobuk Water Bladder for easy access. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty or your dog is panting to drink water. Replenish your fluids by bringing sports drinks with electrolytes. Staying hydrated even when surrounded by water should be a top priority.

Take Breaks Along the Way

Hiking on the trails all day can be tiresome and draining. If you’re thirsty, hungry or in need of a break, more than likely your dog is too. Plan out when you’re going to eat lunch and don’t be afraid to take water breaks along the way. Make sure to pace yourself and have fun.

Introduce Them to Swimming

A water adventure isn’t complete without a good swim with your pup. Before entering the water, invest in a doggie life jacket and teach them how to paddle. Even if your dog seems confident, be aware that the water might be deeper than it seems. Keep an eye on them in shallow water before going deeper. If your dog doesn’t like the water, opt for staying near the shore and observing the stream from afar. Either way, teaching your pup how to swim is good for water safety while hiking.

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