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Tips For Running With Your Dog

Tips For Running With Your Dog

Check out these tips from Alpha Pak on how to create the best running experience possible for you and your dog. Include your dog on all your adventures outdoors with these simple tips. 

Prepare Your Dog

Training your dog and getting their strength built up for consistent and longer runs is vital for the best run together possible. If you’ve never been running with your dog before, intersperse your walks with short stretches of runs until they’re able to stay by your side and remain calm. Your dog should be able to follow call-back and heel commands before you take them for  longer runs, especially on trails.

Watch the Weather

For particularly hot days, bring along a water bottle or hydration pack to share with you dog. If the pavement is too hot for you to comfortably be barefoot on, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws. Invest in a pair of booties for hot pavement. The same techniques apply for cold weather. Gather cold weather booties or a dog jacket for them to stay warm if it’s cold out. If the temperatures are too extreme either way, it might be best to let your furry best friend stay inside. 

Get the Right Gear

The right dog gear for your dog can make runs smoother. Try Alpha Pak’s Stretchable Runner Dog Leash to mitigate jerking motions from your dog. This leash snaps around your waist to keep your hands free and has two accordion sections to increase the stretching ability. Pair this leash with a good collar or harness for maximum comfort for your dog. 

Always check with your vet to decide if it’s right to take your dog along for a run, and watch for signs of dehydration, paw damage or ticks and fleas during every run. From street to summit Alpha Pak has your back! 

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