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Lake Trips With Your Dog 101

Lake Trips With Your Dog 101

The dog days of summer might be over, but there’s still plenty of time to soak up the last bit of summer sun on the lake. If you’re looking to take your dog out on a boating trip alongside you, here are some tips that we’ve rounded up to keep your pup safe and having plenty of fun. 

  1. Consider a Life Jacket

Although lakes usually do not have intense natural current like oceans do, wake from boats and other water vehicles may cause choppy water. A life jacket for your dog is a good investment to keep them safe, and prevent any fatigue-related drowning situations.

  1. Stay Away from Stagnant Water

Stagnant water can contain dangerous bacteria, amoebas, and algae that can be fatal. Stay away from water that is not flowing, especially in sunny areas where amoeba growth is rampant.

  1. Bring Drinking Water

Lake water can have bacteria that could make your dog sick. Avoid any water contamination problems by bringing fresh water for you pup to drink. Make sure you grab a collapsible water bowl like our Gallatin Bowl for ease of travel.

  1. Watch Out for Wildlife

Be aware of what native wildlife may surround your lakes before you go out on your water adventure. Watch out for water snakes, bugs, and other creatures that could cause harm.

  1. Bring Necessary Gear

First aid kits in case of injury for you or your dog are crucial to have on any adventure. Store items like first aid kits, water, treats, etc. in a bag such as our Iceberg Dry Bag to prevent anything from getting ruined out on the water.  

  1. Dry Your Dog Off

At the end of the lake day, thoroughly dry and clean your dog off. Wet fur can cause hot spots and other skin problems while wet ears can lead to infections. If your dog is prone to ear infections, talk to your vet about carrying a solution with you on trips involving water to nip the problem in the bud. 

  1. Check Your Dog Over

When you’re on dry land, take a moment to check your dog over to see if they have any cuts, scrapes, or ticks that have latched on. Brush their fur out well to remove any debris, and consider giving them a bath or taking them to the groomer after a lake day to rinse off the water that could cause smells or irritation

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