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How to Enjoy the Holidays Safely With Your Dog

How to Enjoy the Holidays Safely With Your Dog

The holidays are always a fun time to spend with family and friends — so why not let your dog in on the activities too? No matter if you’re decorating your home or packing up for a winter excursion, check out these tips for enjoying the holiday season safely with your pup.

Take Them For a Winter Walk

Looking to go on an outdoor adventure? Bring your dog for a winter walk while keeping them on a leash and preparing for cold weather. Protect your pet from frostbite by dressing them in a winter sweater or dog jacket. Shop more winter gear here.

Make Homemade Dog Treats

We all know dogs can’t have chocolate or too much sugar. Keep your dogs happy and healthy by making them homemade dog treats! Leave the holiday leftovers to friends and family.

Beware of Holiday Plants

Plants and flowers may be popular around the holiday season, but they can also be dangerous to many pets. Before bringing in any outside plants, check leaves, branches and thorns that could cause your dog to be in danger. Poinsettias, holly and mistletoe contain toxic substances that should be kept out of reach.

Keep Decorations Out of Reach

Tinsel, ornaments, garland and other decorations can be fascinating to pets. Make sure to hang glass ornaments and other hazardous tree decor near the top of the tree. Consider putting up a pet gate if your dog is getting into your holiday decorations!

Watch Out for Wires

Christmas lights can be a large hazard for pets. Keep cords and long wires out of reach to ensure your dog’s safety by blocking access to outlets. Chewing on cables can send your pup into electric shock!

Provide Safe Shelter

Giving your dog a safe place to retreat during the holidays can help lower their stress. Shy pets may want to hide under furniture or behind doors if they feel overwhelmed. Help keep them safe and sound with their own shelter. A comfy dog bed with a few blankets and toys can provide your pup a relaxing space to rest.

Limit Loud Noise on New Year’s

Counting down to the new year is always a great tradition. If you choose to celebrate with fireworks, noisy poppers or loud music, make sure to keep your pup in a relaxed environment. Dogs have sensitive ears and loud noises can cause them hearing damage.

Secure Your Christmas Tree

Consider putting up an artificial tree if you have a dog. These trees present less danger for fallen needles that your pup could eat. Placing your tree in a corner or near a wall will keep it sturdy and ensure it has a safe base.

Prepare for Holiday Travel

Plan on traveling for the holidays? No matter if you choose to drive or fly, checking on pet-friendly transportation and housing options is essential. Keep your pup safe and avoid extra charges by reading all guidelines before you book your travel plans.

Give Them New Gear

It wouldn’t be the holidays without presents, right? Give your pup a dog pack to travel with for the new year. Our packs have multiple adjustment points and provide storage for your hiking convenience. Go on your next adventure with new gear!

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