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Gear You Need This Fall

Gear You Need This Fall

Fall is our favorite season, so in honor of that, we are rounding up our favorite gear for fall! Keep reading to see what gear you should have to survive all the fall hikes and camping trips. Adventure awaits!

Dog Backpacks

Don’t be the only one carrying all the gear! Dogs with tasks (like carrying) are more likely to be well-focused on hikes. Alpha Pak backpacks are complete with triple stitching for improved durability, waterproof material for all kinds of adventures and easy-to-use snaps to remove or replace the saddle bags. Our Mile High and Sunset packs are the perfect colors for fall! 

Cascades Runner Leash

With cooler weather approaching, outdoor runs are becoming more bearable. If you have a high-activity dog that needs lots of exercise, try out our Cascades Runner Leash. Attach the leash to your beltline and run hands free as the leash stretches to meet your dog’s pace. 


Dog backpacks aren’t your speed? Try out one of our harnesses for better control over your leashed dog on your adventures. Our harnesses are equipped with triple stitching, waterproof material and a top handle that allows you to lift your dog over hiking barriers. Take a look at our new Desert Flower and Riptide colors. 

Sleeping Bag

Your dog deserves top-of-the-line comfort on camping trips! Grab them a dog sleeping bag to keep them warm on those cooler fall nights. Giving dogs a safe and warm place to sleep or rest will help keep them calmer while in a new environment. 

Hip Packs

Best friends are meant to match! Grab a hip pack in the same color of your dog’s backpack to stand out on the trails. These stylish and fun packs are great for quick walks or hikes where you don’t need to carry a lot of gear. Place important items like phones, IDs, or first aid items in these packs.
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