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Camping Gear Packing List

Camping Gear Packing List

Time to gear up! As the weather begins to warm up and the ice begins to melt, prepare for your next camping adventure with Alpha Pak gear. Not sure what you need to bring with you? Keep reading to learn what essentials are needed for safety, comfort and fun.

1. Dog Backpacks

Whether you’re walking through wooded trails or summit-bound, a dog backpack is a great way to carry gear for your pet while also giving them a task. Alpha Pak dog backpacks are triple-stitched with durable fabric and waterproof for any type of terrain. Our two-piece packs are made for comfort and ease of wear, with detachable saddlebags from the main harness. Shop new colors and reinforced packs on the Dog Backpacks section of our shop, and learn more about the benefits of using dog backpacks on our blog.

2. Sleeping Mat

You’re not the only one who needs to have a comfortable place to sleep. If you’re pitching a tent outdoors, make sure your dog has the warmth and comfort they need for a good night’s sleep. A waterproof sleeping mat will ensure that your dog can rest well. Combine the sleeping mat with blankets or a sleeping bag, and you have the perfect combo. If your dog likes to curl up in your sleeping bag on trips, try placing the sleeping mat beside your own or even in your bag if it’s large enough. 

3. Collapsible Water Bowl

While out exploring during the day, it’s vital your dog stays hydrated. Bring a collapsible bowl with you for easy hydration stops during your hikes and to save space in your pack. Our Gallatin Water Bowl comes with an attached carabiner that allows you to clip it to any backpack or waist belt (even your dog’s). Monitor your dog’s water intake and pay attention to signs of dehydration to discomfort, especially in high heat scenarios.

4. Dry Bag

Exploring along rivers, lakes, beaches, or worried about the rain ruining your supplies? Try out our Iceberg Dry Bag to keep all your gear secure and dry on even the wettest camping trips. The comfortable straps allow for all day wear, and the bag can fit up to 30 liters. Whether you’re using this only for waterproof in-tent storage, or taking it with you on a kayaking expedition, a dry bag is a must for anyone that is passionate about waterside trips. 

5. Rope Leash

A serious adventure calls for a serious leash. Your dog should be leashed at most times while exploring outdoors for the safest conditions possible. Grab a leash made to be durable that comes with a carabiner to attach to a harness or collar and thick material to ensure it doesn’t snag or snap on sharp rocky corners or brush. Rope leashes provide extra peace of mind for dog owners that are worried about frayed leashes or their dog’s pull strength on hikes. Keep your gear stylish with our selection of bright colored leashes! 

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