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Benefits of Using a Dog Harness

Benefits of Using a Dog Harness

Sometimes a simple leash and collar combo doesn’t cut it for more rigorous adventures. In this blog, we’re breaking down the benefits of using a dog harness with your regular leash, and how it can help make hikes and walks easier. 

Gives You Better Control Over Your Dog

As the human companion to your dog, you are the alpha of the relationship. A dog harness gives you better control without tugging on your dog’s throat when trying to gain control over them. A harness covers their entire upper body, giving you the ability to control where your dog walks and how fast.

Discourages Pulling

There’s a lot to explore outdoors, and for some dogs this can create pulling or tugging problems when using a simple collar. A dog harness can mitigate pulling as it does not allow your dog to pull as hard or create powerful tugging motions. Gain more control over your pup to keep them from exploring places they shouldn’t and keeping pace with you.

Decreases Leash Tangling

With the leash clip resting on the top of the harness that sits on your dog’s back, it will make it harder for your dog to tangle themselves (or you) in the leash. Not only does this increase safety while outdoors, but also makes your hikes or walks easier.

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