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Ambassador Spotlight - Harvey

Ambassador Spotlight - Harvey

Our ambassadors help make Alpha Pak fun! We’re showing appreciation for them through our Ambassador Spotlight series, where we will be featuring an Alpha Pak ambassador each month. Keep reading to learn more about Harvey’s story.

Jennie, an Occupational Therapist, found Harvey hoping to train him to be a therapy dog. Harvey ended up becoming much more than a therapy dog-in-training, though. The pair are the perfect adventure buddies, accompanying one another on hikes, backpacking trips, and camping stays.

As a certified therapy dog during the pandemic, in-person visits are limited, but the two are instead making time to get outdoors together while exploring new places. 

To learn more about Harvey’s story head to our sister brand’s Instagram (@campingwithdogs) or the #MyDogStory hashtag. Follow along with Harvey’s adventures at @helperharvey, and if you’re interested in becoming an ambassador like him, reach out to

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