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Ambassador Spotlight - Chewie and Kandie

Ambassador Spotlight - Chewie and Kandie

We love our ambassadors here at Alpha Pak! We’re showing them some love through our Ambassador Spotlight series here on The Pak Blog. Keep reading to learn more about Chewie and Kandie’s story.

Mark, Chewie and Kandie’s owner, found Chewie through a listing on Craigslist while looking for a goldendoodle after hearing about the breed. They brought Chewie home and worked on training him as a therapy dog. After 18 months of consistent training, Chewie received his certification from CKC and Mark volunteers with Chewie at the Ronald McDonald House in Orange, California. After getting numerous requests inquiring about stud services with Chewie, Mark worked to gain proper health certifications and have Chewie work as a stud.


At this point, Mark knew Chewie needed a companion, and that’s where Kandie came in. She immediately joined Mark and Chewie’s adventures in the Eastern Sierra Mountains and local beaches. Kandie is great off-leash and the perfect addition to their family. Some of Chewie and Kandie’s favorite spots to adventure are the Cerro Gordo Ghost Town, Chemung Gold Mine, Fossil Falls, Olancha Sand Dunes, Mono Lake, Lundy Canyon Falls, Virginia Lakes and Twin Lakes Resort.


Alongside adventuring, Mark started Sweets Doodles, a certified goldendoodle breeding service with Chewie and Kandie as well as Sweets Ranch which is Mark’s private barn turned mobile petting zoo. This adventure fam has taken on many explorations and new ventures together, and they hope to continue to do so as they explore California and provide therapy resources and breeding services to others.

To see more of Chewie and Kandie’s adventures, head to their Instagram @thatdoodlechewieloveskandie and to inquire about Alpha Pak ambassadorships, please emails for more information.

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