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two dogs camping in a tent

8 Tips for Camping and Hiking with Dogs

Learn from our friends and experts on outdoor adventures with furry friends, Camping with Dogs

If you love camping and hiking with your favorite furry companions, you’ve come to the right place. Before you leave for your next adventure, make sure you and your four-legged pal are prepared. Follow the eight tips below to ensure you’re all set for an amazing trip. 

Happy dog with tongue sticking out

1. Before Leaving, Look up Campgrounds and Trail Regulations in the Area

Some places may not allow dogs or have certain restrictions. Be sure to do your research by going online or calling the campground before you make the trek. 


2. Have Plenty of Water and Food Available

It’s always important that you and your dog are both hydrated and fed throughout your trip. Always have plenty of water in case there isn’t a safe source of water around. Don’t allow them to drink salt water or standing water. Now is the perfect time to break out collapsible bowls! 

dog and human sitting on a rock camping

3. Keep Your Dog Leashed 

It’s best to keep your dog on leash or keep them close (if they’re trained off leash) in order to protect your best friend from other wildlife and poisonous plants, while also being respectful of your fellow campers and hikers. 


4. Protect their Paws

Your dog’s paws should be protected from snow and from the hot ground, too. For summer months, your dog could use “cool” dog booties when the dirt or cinder is too hot for their paws. In the snowy winter months, you can use “Musher’s Secret,” a wax product that’s applied directly to their paws to protect their fur from balling up in the snow. 


5. Pack a Spacious Tent

We suggest getting a tent with double entries and vestibules. However, if you have a smaller tent, you can place your packs and gear under one vestibule and a little sleeping pad for your dog in the other one. 

dogs camping in a tent

6. Don’t let Rain Ruin Your Plans 

During a heavy rainfall, use your tent as a cozy and dry place while you play tug o-war or snuggle with your dog. During rain breaks, take your pup on a hike or play fetch. 


7. Bring Dog Toys 

Keep your best buddy entertained by bringing their favorite toys. It may ease anxieties or help make them feel more comfortable while they’re exploring new places. 


8. Pack a First Aid Kit for your Dog 

It’s always good to have pet first aid knowledge. There are courses out there that are great to help build current knowledge or for those who don’t know where to start. You can get away with having a regular first aid kit and adding a few things to make it more accommodating to pets, such as, iodine for cleaning wounds, wax paw protector for dry pads, or to be used as a barrier for extreme conditions, and a tick remover. Liquid bandages are helpful for cuts. You can also include dog boots and tongue suppressors that can be used as a splint. 

Now that you have some useful tips, check out our Alpha Pak products to use on your next great adventure with your best friend! 

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